Ajio : Live at 6PM : GAS Products Free For 30 Secs.

Ajio : Live at 6PM : GAS Products Free For 30 Secs.

Thing to Notice:-

• Deal will live only on Ajio App.
• Deal will be there only for 30 second.
• Only 1 quantity can be ordered.
• You can't add product in cart before 6PM.

Tips for Success:-

• Be ready with default address.
• Target product which is not eye catching and from bottom in the list (because many try to get good looking product and top in list)
• Open app 5-8 min before because app may not open at 5:59 or 6'O clock due to huge traffic
• Just click on product > select any size > select address.

Many people was able to grab it yesterday in 36 second so must try today .

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